Scott Carleton Lillie
May 20, 1955–December 21, 2000

Recent News
Lockheed Martin has awarded the inaugural Scott C. Lillie Commitment to Excellence Award. Click here to see the award.

On December 19, Scott fell from a tree he was cutting down in his yard; he passed away two days later, December 21. His family was with him at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

A simple funeral was held on Tuesday, December 26. Scott was buried in the cemetery at Friendship Baptist Church in Clanton, Alabama. "The Impossible Dream" was played at the funeral service.

A memorial service was held on Saturday, January 13, at Leu Gardens in Orlando. Scott's family and friends gathered to remember Scott and speak of his influence on their lives. Some detail is available here.

A few portraits of Scott can be found here. Some of these pictures are large and may take a long time to download. We hope to include some of Scott's artwork in the future. Another web site with pictures of Scott, maintained by his friend Isis, can be found here.

One complete poem written by Scott, and fragments of another, can be found here. We may have more later. In the meantime, please take a moment to enjoy a sample of Scott's humor, as seen in this letter he wrote.

The obituary appearing in the local paper can be found here.

We have archived the guestbook and message board entries, where messages were posted for Scott's family and friends.