Scott Carleton Lillie
(May 20, 1955–December 21, 2000)

A reproduction of the letter sent by Lockheed Martin
to Scott's mother, announcing the inaugural awarding of the
Scott C. Lillie Commitment to Excellence Award

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26 February 2002

Charlotte Lillie
1131 Carraway Street
Tallahassee FL 32308

Dear Charlotte,

It was with great pleasure that we awarded the inaugural Scott C. Lillie “Commitment to Excellence” Award this past December. The attached announcement was communicated to all our employees and we presented the award at a special staff meeting.

The selection of Judy Warren was widely applauded both for her accomplishments and the attitudes and attributes, in the spirit of Scott, which she brings to her responsibilities. She knew Scott and the association of this award with Scott made it all the more meaningful to her. Scott set a high standard in his commitment to excellence, so I believe that this award will always be special here at LMIS and it will give us all the opportunity to reminisce on Scott and his contributions to our business.


Jeffrey J. Zimmerman
Vice President
Support Solutions