Scott Carleton Lillie
(May 20, 1955–December 21, 2000)

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A letter written by Scott, doing battle with the people who paint your address on the curb by your driveway

August 18, 1999

To whom it may concern,

Last year, around July 1998, you painted my curb without my permission. The flyer / bill on my door indicated I owed $15, and I was not happy about it because I had (foolishly) agreed to let you do it the previous year. I had not realized you were going to take advantage of my generosity by trying to make this an annual exercise. In response to last year's curb painting, I sent you a note stating that I regarded your action as unauthorized, and that if you painted my curb again without my permission, I would not pay for it. I believe I have not provided you with any form of contract which would constitute that permission. I did, however, for the sake of parting on equitable terms, enclose the check for $15. You chose to ignore the note, cash the check, and return again this year as if I had never said a thing.

This is the second year in a row I've had to respond to your unauthorized service. As the phone number listed on your flyer / bill is perpetually unanswered, I can't seem to speak to you directly, but I tried anyway, out of courtesy. No promise has merit if it's unkept, so I'm now making good on mine: I won't be sending a check, and please don't bother me again except to acknowledge this note. You've had your chance to earn my respect as a customer, and would have done well to simply get my permission before doing anything that affected my property or wallet, however small the charge.

Let me repeat myself: If you check back in two or three years, I might be willing to have my curb address painted again, as would have been the case from the time you originally painted it in 1996 or 97 to the present. Then again, I might not — but at least you would have shown respect to me and my wishes, as I have tried to show patience with you.


Scott C. Lillie
2765 Rio Pinar Lakes Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32822-7960