Scott Carleton Lillie
(May 20, 1955–December 21, 2000)

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Messages left for Scott's family and friends
12/25/2000 through 3/18/2002
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I still think of you Posted by Iz on 3/18/2002
Hi Scott-Poo,

Maybe while riding a wild cloud you'll take time to look down and read a note from someone who misses you every day.

Come see me in my dreams. Love always.
A Special Person Posted by Kathy Bailey on 7/18/2001
I knew Scott in the 80's but had not been in touch for many years. I am so sad to learn of his death. Scott was a genuinely kind and truly good person. The older I get, the more I appreciate how rare and important that is. He was happy, uncritical, idealistic, unfailingly pleasant, and endearingly childlike in his joys and in his curiosity. A still river running deep and pure. One is tempted to believe that he left this earth early because there wasn't that much left for him to learn here.
Scott Posted by Greg Colley on 2/1/2001
I've known Scott over 13 plus years. We worked together in the late 80's. When I moved into my new house I was plesantly surprised that Scott lived around the corner from me. We would see each other in the neighborhood and stop to talk (getting caught up on each others life). I was very happy to see him the last week of November at a meeting for proposed speed bumps in our neighborhood. At that time it had been almost nine months since we last talked. He never changed and he never said anything negative about anything. I loved talking to him. I think of him everyday as I drive by his house staring at the tree. God Bless his family --- I will miss our talks.
Gone but never forgotten Posted by Bill and Holly Horton on 1/16/2001
It's only been a couple of days since Scott's memorial service and still it's hard to put words together without an immense feeling of sadness.

Scott was a good and true friend who could be counted on to provide a good laugh or a shoulder to cry on. If you needed help Scott was always there no matter what the time or circumstance. He was one of our first friends in Mensa and is a friendship that will never leave us.

A good piece of advice for anyone in any circumstance would be, what would Scott do?

Thaks for being there my old friend, you will be missed.

Bill and Holly Horton
Thinking of you Posted by mary russell on 1/12/2001

I hope Saturday is a beautiful experience for you and your family. I think of you often.

Giant hugs and kisses,
words Posted by janet corso on 1/11/2001
With all of the thousands of words in the English language, there are still not enough to describe the way my soul aches at the loss of Scott. He was a kind, generous person, and that rarity of rarities: a true gentleman.

It was my privilege to know him and to share his friendship.

Via con Dios, my friend.
What a beautiful tribute... Posted by Kathleen Watts on 1/6/2001
What a wonderful way for the legacy of a wonderful person to continue. Thanks for the website - especially the pictures.

Kathleen Watts (friend from Martin Marietta now living in upstate NY)
God Bless You Scott Posted by Lisa and Jim Mulato on 1/2/2001
If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.

Scott was a very nice man. We always enjoyed being with him. We are going to miss him very much.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers Posted by Ann Lillie Chess on 12/29/2000
As my family meets more and more of you, who were Scott's friends, we are touched by your kind words and sincere sympathy. Please know that you comfort us in our grief. We hope to see as many of you as possible at the memorial service. Thank you for caring for my brother.

Pictures of Scott in California....early eighties. Posted by Iz on 12/28/2000
I have made a memorial to Scott if you would like to see some pictures of Scott from his years in Los Angeles.

My love to all who loved him too.


Scott C. Lillie
I have a hole in my heart Posted by Bob Garver on 12/28/2000
There is emptiness where there was a free spirit. There is cold where there was warmth. There is quiet where there was laughter. There is pain where there was health. Tomorrow, his memory will refill my spirit, warm my heart, fill my mind with laughter, make me feel better, but today, I have a hole in my heart where Scott used to live.
I'm sorry I couldn't be there today Posted by Iz on 12/27/2000
To Scott's family....

Thank you so much Charlotte, for calling me on Sunday morning to let me know about Scott.

Thank you Ann, for talking to me and letting me cry and talk to you for so long when you were suffering so much yourself.

I am so sorry that I could not be there for you and for Scott at his funeral today. I loved Scott deeply too, and took his presence on this earth too much for granted.

I have made a disc of pictures of our years together, and if you will let me know where to send them, I would love to do that.

Thank you for bringing such a beautiful spirit into the world, if even for too short a time. I have heard so many wonderful stories about all of you for so many years that I feel I know you. I hope someday that we can meet, even as all of us will meet with Scott again in the blink of God's eye.

Love, Iz
Regret Posted by Edwin Olsen on 12/26/2000
I met Scott on one occasion several months ago. It would have been my pleasure to be better acquainted with him. I regret this tragedy.

My Sympathies Posted by Keith Proud on 12/26/2000
I remember Scott well from my time in Central Florida Mensa. He was a gifted artist and strong supporter of the group.

My sympathies are with Scott's family and friends. May God help to ease the burden of his death.

I'm so sorry Posted by Rohn Walter on 12/26/2000
Hi, I haven't seen Scott for probably 15 yrs or more; yet he was always one of the folks that I wish I could have kept in touch with after dropping out of Mensa. In my house there is a paste up he did for the Space Coast Area Mensa Regional Gathering one year, and in it his sense of humor really came through. I treasure it and mourn his passing.

He was a gentle, unique soul. May God help us make some sense of this tragedy.

Message Board for Family and Friends of Scott Lillie Posted by John Herring on 12/25/2000
This is an area where you can leave messages for Scott's family and friends.